The Center

Our Philosophy


We are a center of well-trained, very professional practitioners with years of experience who take an integrative approach to therapy. It is our goal to help society understand, recognize and tune into the power and ability of the human body to heal itself. We provide self-maintenance tools that are practical and easy to implement in every day life.

The focus of this center is to meet people where they're at and direct them to find what they need. We strive to connect with the entire community to provide a network of practitioners dedicated to helping maintain and promote healing and health. We work in conjunction with chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopaedics, etc.

Southport Wellness center was started in 2015 by Rebecca Funderburke and offers a range of services to help your body. Services include Pilates, Massage Therapy, Integrative Relaxation, Craniosacral Work, Yoga, Lymphatic Drainage, Manual Therapy, Reflexology, Spiritual Counseling and more.

We have practitioners from all around the country practicing a variety of techniques and each with their own style.

To learn more about our practitioners, visit our practitioners page.