Services Provided

Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Relaxation Massage and Remedial Massage to not only relax your whole body but also achieve structural changes within the body, often through a series of regular massages.

Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Join Shannon Miller, RYT whom leads Yoga Nidra on Monday evenings. Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice intended to induce full-body relaxation, healing and a deep meditative state of consciousness. Evening Bliss and Morning Bliss Yoga have been added to the recent calendar. 

Craniosacral Therapy​

A gentle yet powerful technique that is effective in releasing neck pain, back pain, and mental stress (among other things).

Spiritual Counseling

Take on a spiritual journey to develop and nurture a deep spiritual life, so as to awaken new vistas of your mind and realize your highest potential and expression.


Your feet support and balance your entire body system and each part of the foot interacts with a different part of the body. Releasing energy from specific points helps to relieve tension, weakness and pain held in these areas.

Pilates & Barre

Southport Pilates' goal is to create strength and flexibility from with in through classically trained and certified instruction in boutique style small classes. Take small group classes or try a private session both Mat and Reformer. Free 30 min intro session. Contact Michelle 518-369-2884

Lymphatic Drainage

A profound technique to help increase lymph flow thus increasing immune function. 

Integrative Relaxation

A holistic and comprehensive program that provides a solution to overcoming and preventing symptoms of chronic stress and fatigue that manifest in the body.